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Traditional Indonesian Salad (Gado-Gado)

Traditional Indonesian Salad (Gado-Gado)


Main Ingredients:

200 gfirm tofu (sliced into squares)
1 cupgreens beans (blanched)
1 cupbean sprouts (blanched)
1 cuptomato (cut into wedges)
1 cupbuttercup lettuce
½ cupcarrot ribbons
1 cupcucumber (sliced)
Sesame seeds and coriander (for garnish)

Sauce Ingredients:

½ cuppeanut butter
2garlic cloves (crushed)
1 tspTaikoo Okinawa Black Sugar (to taste)
½ cupcrushed peanuts
1 tbsplemon/lime juice


To Cook

1. In a small pot over low heat, combine all sauce ingredients.
2. Stir until well combined and peanut sauce mixture is smooth.
3. Marinate tofu squares in peanut sauce for 30 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, prepare all vegetables and assemble them in a salad bowl.
5 Grill tofu squares on medium heat on a hot grill until golden brown and cooked through.
6. Cut tofu squares into triangles and place alongside prepared vegetables in salad bowl.
7. Garnish with coriander, sesame seeds and crushed peanuts.
8. Serve Gado-Gado with a generous serving of peanut sauce.

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