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Tofu Rice Paper Rolls

Tofu Rice Paper Rolls


150 gfried tofu (sliced into thin strips)
1carrot (peeled & julienned)
½red bell paper (sliced into thin strips)
1spring onion (chopped)
1small cos lettuce (shredded)
8mint leaves
1 packetbean vermicelli noodles (cooked)
Crushed peanuts


1. Lightly coat tofu strips with oyster sauce. Soak rice paper wraps in cool water for 10 secs, and then lay out onto damp tea towels.
2. Gather a small handful of noodles and place on a rice paper wrap. Then place 2 pieces of tofu, some carrots, bell peppers, spring onions, a mint leaf and a small handful of lettuce on top of the noodles. Wrap up the rice paper roll as directed on packaging instructions. Repeat for each roll.
3. Serve with Hoisin sauce topped with crushed peanuts.

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