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Stuffed Hairy Gourd in Oyster Sauce

Stuffed Hairy Gourd in Oyster Sauce

  • Boiled, Steam 煮


Main Ingredients:

600 ghairy gourd (peeled, inner pulp removed and cut into 2 cm round slices)
150 g shrimp meat (minced)
1 heaped tbspcornstarch (for dusting)
1 tbspoil
2 pcsChinese mushrooms (soaked and diced)
60 gstalks spring onion (chopped, as garnish)
25 g red chili (seeded and chopped as garnish)

Marinade Ingredients:

½ tspcornstarch
¼ tspsugar
¼ tspsalt
White pepper (to taste)

Sauce Ingredients:


1. Cook hairy gourd in a pot of boiling water until tender. Drain and let cool.
2. Combine minced shrimp meat with marinade ingredients and mix well. Dust the inner part of hairy gourds with corn starch and stuff with marinated shrimp.
3. Prepare a steamer over high heat. Steam hairy gourds for 8 mins. Remove from heat and discard excess juice.
4. Heat oil in a pan and sauté mushrooms in oil. Pour in sauce mix ingredients. Stir and heat through. Pour over steamed hairy gourds and serve. Garnish with chopped spring onions and red chilies if desired.

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