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Mala Spicy Bean Vermicelli Soup

Mala Spicy Bean Vermicelli Soup

  • Boiled, Steam 煮


3 pcsfresh Shiitake mushroom (sliced)
40 gyellow bell pepper (julienned)
50 gstalks of celery (shredded)
3 pcsimitation crab (shredded)
25 gbean vermicelli (soaked, drained and separated)
2 tbspoil
½ tspchilli powder
500 mlChicken Stock


1. Heat oil in a saucepan and stir fry peppercorn and chili powder till fragrant. Remove and let cool.
2. In a pot, boil chicken stock and add mushrooms, bell peppers, celery and crabflavored sticks. Allow to cook for 1 min. Then, put in bean vermicelli until heated through.
3. Drizzle desired amount of peppercorn chili oil and serve hot.

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