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Honey Chicken with Mango

Honey Chicken with Mango

  • Deep Fried 炸


Main Ingredients:

300 gchicken fillet (cut into chunks)
300 gmango
optional:Coriander (chopped)

Marinade Ingredients:

½ tspsalt

Seasoning Ingredients:


To Cook

1. Marinade chicken with marinade ingredients in a bowl for 1 hour.
2. Cut mangoes as close to the seed as possible, scoop out the flesh and set skin shell aside. Cut flesh into cubes and set aside.
3. Heat enough oil in wok for deep-frying. Coat chicken with tapioca flour and deep fry until golden brown. Drain and set aside.
4. In a saucepan, add seasoning ingredients and cook until combined. Add chicken and cook over high heat until chicken is well coated.
5. Place mango cubes in skin shell, top with fried chicken and sprinkle coriander garnish. Ready to serve.

Recipe Calls For:

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