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Char Siu Chicken Wings

Char Siu Chicken Wings

  • Baked, Smoked 焗


Main Ingredients:

800 gchicken wings
8skewers (soaked for 30 minutes in water)

Marinade Ingredients:

2 tbspShaoxing wine
2-3 tbsphoney
1 tspwhite pepper
2 tspfive spice powder


1. Soak skewers in water for at least 30 minutes.
2. Marinate chicken wings with marinade ingredients in bowl for at least 1 hour in refrigerator.
3. Skewer chicken wings and place on hot barbeque or griller.
4. Turn skewers occasionally to prevent meat from being charred and baste with remaining marinade.
5. When chicken wings are cooked, it is ready to serve with salad, rice or noodles.

Chef's tip:

You can bake chicken wings in oven at 200℃ for 15 minutes. Turn over once and baste with remaining marinade for another 10 minutes.

Recipe Calls For:

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