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Braised Vegetables in Vegetarian Stir Fry Sauce

Braised Vegetables in Vegetarian Stir Fry Sauce

  • Slow Cook, Braised 燜


100 gcabbage
100 gJade Phoenix Assorted Mushrooms (prepare according to package)
2 tbspcooking oil
10 g Cloud Fungus (prepare according to package)
50 gBaby corns
10 gWhite fungus (prepare according to package)
20 gcarrot (sliced)
100 gFried wheat gluten pieces (cut into pieces)
100 mlWater
Rice or egg noodle


1. Blanch cabbage and place them on a serving dish.
2. Heat oil in a pan and sauté mushrooms until fragrant.
3. Add in cloud fungus, baby corns, white fungus, carrots and fried wheat gluten pieces. Add Stir Fry Sauce and water and bring to boil. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
4. Place cooked ingredients on top of the blanched cabbage and it is ready to be served with jasmine rice or egg noodles.

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