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Shanghai-Style Braised Pork Belly (Dong Po Rou)

Shanghai-Style Braised Pork Belly (Dong Po Rou)

  • Slow Cook, Braised 燜


400 gpork belly
1 tbspTaikoo Rock Sugar
2 tbspvegetable oil
3 tbspShaoxing wine
2 cupswater


To Prep

1. Cut the pork belly into small, bite-sized square pieces and tie them using either twine or thinly cut spring onions.
2. Blanche the pork belly pieces in water for a couple of minutes to remove all of the impurities. Once done, take the pork out of the water and wash off any remaining impurities.

To Cook

1. Heat up a wok and add the rock sugar and oil.
2. Allow the sugar crystals to melt slightly before adding the pork in to the wok. Cook the pork until they have browned lightly and then add the Shaoxing wine, both soy sauces and the water.
3. Cover the wok with a lid and allow it to simmer over low heat for roughly 45-60 mins. Top up the wok with extra water if required. Stir the mixture occasionally to prevent the meat from burning.
4. Once the pork belly has become sufficiently tender, remove the lid, plate and serve! If the sauce is too thin, uncover the lid and cook over a medium heat until the sauce thickens to a glaze that coats the pork.

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